Lactose Intolerance and Smaller Dresses

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I have lots of women tell me they don’t drink milk because they’re ‘lactose intolerant’. The reason I ask this question is that dairy intake is powerfully associated with smaller waists and therefore smaller dress sizes. Lactose intolerance is connected to the lack of an enzyme that is more common in Asian populations and – in Caucasions – is about twice as common in men as in women.

Not many doctors will do a lab test to tind out if someone is actually lactose intolerant – especially if they tell you that they are. But a Canadian group studying obesity wanted to find out so they checked 168 women – all Caucasian – who said they were ‘lactose intolerant’. Only 2 actually lacked the necessary enzyme.

That probably means that a lot of women who could benefit from dairy intake – especially nonfat dairy of course – are missing an opportunity to get into that smaller dress size they would love.

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