Non-Exercise Exercise

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Lots of people know that they should do more exercise. The trouble is, the word ‘exercise’ turns off a lot of people. The notion of many – maybe most – is that you have to start running on a treadmill and getting uncomfortably sweaty.

It turns out that that the most metabolically important body motions may be things we don’t even think of as exercise. Postal workers who deliver mail by walking their routes versus those who drive mail to central mail boxes were much healthier and slimmer. Well, you may say, that’s not surprising.

What is surprising is that when questioned about exercise, a majority of both groups said they ‘almost never’ exercised! What that means is that the walking postal workers don’t consider all their daily activity as exercise.

This is another great example of the ‘little bit all the time’ method for activity. No stress, keep it fun and yes, walking works wonders!

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