Drink Water, Save Money & Lose Fat!

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Mixed FruitDrink water, lose weight – right?  Although the admonition to ‘Drink Water’ to improve weight loss is super common, the actual scientific support is very weak.

The real place that water can make a healthy difference is as a replacement to sugar-sweetened beverages – sodas, ‘natural’ juices and the like.  Let’s say you cut out one typical can of soda per day for a year.  Assuming those refined sugar calories were in excess of your needs, you could lose from 10-12 pounds of fat per year!

One of the best – and healthiest – ways to drink more water is by slicing up your favorite fruit and adding it to the water jug in your fridge.  What about savings?  Well, in one very popular large store whose name begins with “W”, the cost of milk was $.49/lb.; cost of popular soda was $.80/lb.; cost of bottled water – $.13/lb.

Apart from saving money and losing some excess fat, another way of looking at this is:  milk costs a little more than half of what soda costs, but is filled with necessary proteins, complex carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals that are essential for life.  Water’s also essential for life and costs pennies – out of your tap – or about one-fifth of what sodas cost if you want to splurge on bottled water.

Humans can live for about 5 minutes without air, about 3 days without water, and somewhere around 30 days without food.  Actual testing of sodas-for-life has not be done as far as I know.


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