Ready 4 Summer?

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shutterstock_48035695Lots of people are now thinking about fun in the sun … and worried.  They think ‘I don’t want to put on a bathing suit and feel bad about my body’ … or else, probably just as common, somebody’s wedding or special event is coming up.  Recent recommendations from the world of Psychology encourage: “Embrace your anxiety and fear.”

The thing is, in all my years in medicine, I can’t remember anyone really ’embracing’ anxiety and fear.  I think the most important steps are: 1. I want to be Healthier and Feel Better About My Body and 2.  I’m ready to do something about it Right Now!  If you can answer ‘YES’ to both these questions, you’re ready and you’ve found the key motivators.

The next step is knowing WHAT to do – and well, that’s what Dr. Forsythe’s Green Light Wellness is all about.

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