thedocKenneth Forsythe, MD is the creator of the Green Light Wellness system. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Forsythe was trained at the University of Southern California in Family Practice and was advanced to the position of Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine in 1991.

He was appointed to President Reagan’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 1984 and was ABC Television’s sports medicine analyst for the Winter Olympics of Calgary in 1988.

He has authored 2 books – Athletics for Life and The Green Light Program5 Essential Steps to Getting the Body YOU Want.   In addition, he is the author of a popular sports medicine video, Stop Working Out and holds patents on a computer program for joint function, a back table for evaluating and treating low back illness and the energy drink Body Fuel – which was recently listed among the Top 5 Sports Nutrition drinks by Runner’s World magazine.

Dr. Forsythe’s clients have included the Los Angeles FBI, the Santa Monica Police Department, entertainers Michael Jackson, Adam Ant and Conrad Bain, in addition to NBA athletes Kiki Vandeweghe, Jamal Wilkes, and Bob McAdoo.  In 1982, Dr. Forsythe and his team trained the first insulin dependent athlete – Bill Carlson – to complete the Hawaiian Ironman Competition.

He is a contributing sports medicine editor for Golf & Lifestyle Magazine and an active member in the National Obesity Society.  Using his fluency in Spanish, Dr. Forsythe has helped incorporate the GREEN Light Program into the federally funded Community Health Centers to address the epidemic of pediatric and family obesity.

IMG_2385With his passion for health promotion and 25 years of research leading to the Green Light Program, Dr. Forsythe has helped thousands of men, women & kids become healthier, slimmer and stronger.  He enjoys golf, skiing and hikes with his dog, Gaston.

Shape Not Weight & Green Light Wellness provide education and personal consulting services with workshops and seminars featuring nutrition, activity and behavioral programs for maintaining and improving health throughout life.