I work on my feet at work. I have used a pedometer and get about 3 miles on average during an 8 hour shift. I have got as high as 6 miles. This number includes stairs and walking at a fast pace. Can I use some of this as my daily exercise?
This is a commonly asked question - Activities of Daily Living are studied under a category called NEAT which stands for Non Exercising Activity Thermogenesis ... Sorry for the jargon - these activities DO help but are often not sufficient. The bottom line - under the calculator icon on your home page, click on Waist Circumference ... then try the 6 minute walk test calculator. If youre already in the GREEN zone then following the GLP will help you stay there or improve ... If not, your NEAT isnt sufficient.

What is the boot camp?
Boot Camp is a bad idea - you cant live with it and thats why failure is predictable. In the GLP, you eat foods YOU like. You eat when you feel hungry. You do the kinds of actvity that YOU ENJOY. Many of our clients have lived with the GLP for more than 20 years - it works.

Now that I have been eating healthy, I seen to eat less in the last coulple of weeks. Why is that?
Surprisingly, increasing activity as in the Green Light Program leads to DECREASED overall energy intake - when you do more you eat less! That seems hard to believe but true.

Is it important to do weight-lifting to help firm up the stomach area?
Great question - 1. Weight training/resistance exercise are very useful in creating lean body mass everywhere in your body. Weight training is important not just for those wanting to perform better in sports they like, it can be vitally important in preventing injury in older populations - e.g., in what we call the oldest-old, people over 80 years, increasing leg strength by even 10% reduces risk of falling, fractures and even death. 2. Having said that, there are lots of ways to do abdominal strengthening where you dont have to go to a gym. On the website - go to the educational videos for short to the point sections on weight training - also, in the complete GLP manual, in Step 3, go to the section on resistance exercise. 3. Finally, avoid the still very common MYTH that doing a zillion sit-ups, crunches, etc will get rid of fat around the abdomen ... the only way to get rid of fat stored in our torso and abdomen is by total body motion - walk, jog, run, etc.