Off to a great start on the diet however, I guess I am not used to eating so many fruits and veggies and drinking so much water because I feel uncomfortably bloated. Any solution?
These questions come up fairly often as people start the GLP. 1. GLP is not a diet. It is the YOU choose program for life! 2. Fruits and veggies are a wonderful part of the GREEN zone - but so are nonfat meats and dairy. 3. The Drink Water MYTH - In GLP you eat when you are hungry from the healthy GREEN and Yellow choices. Drink when youre thirsty!

I have called around to different grocery stores, a few carry shredded non fat cheese. They wont special order non fat cheese in a brick. Is there such a thing as non fat cheese in a brick? If so how can I get someone to order it for me?
What I tell patients is what I did myself - ask the store manager to order nonfat cheeses in the flavors you like and youll probably be surprised that theyll get it. Not many years ago, there were very few nonfat choices available in markets, but thats changing. By the way, nonfat cheeses work very well when used in sandwiches, making omelletes, making pizzas, etc. I would agree that they have not reached the stage YET of comparing to originals when eaten, say, on crackers. But remember, regular cheese is 80-90 per cent FAT. Nonfat chees is all protein - usually soy. You feel more satisfied with less - see GLP manual on Food Satisfaction Indexes.

How do I calculate how much calories I should consume? I have been working out everyday since January 4th and I have lost 9 lbs so far, but I do not know if Im doing it the right way. Im definitely eating healthier now but and Im also counting my calories. Im trying to aim at eating from 1000-1200 calories a day but when I work out I lose at least 400-600 calories. Is this okay? I dont starve myself and I definitely eat when I get hungry.
The GREEN Light Wellness Program is based on 25 years of experience and research that proves - If you try to count calories you will not succeed. Eat mostly from GREEN zone - Have these choices around you at work, at school, in the car and at home - Make sure you eat if you are hungry and NEVER by the clock - Accumulate 60 minutes of pleasant total body motion every day - You WILL be healthier, slimmer and stronger.

so, if i have piece of candy or an item from red matter how little or how is a red frowny face?
Remember! MOST from the GREEN/YELLOW zones and as little as possible from the RED zone. RED means first and foremost - try to find a substitute - like frozen grapes for candy ... or try sugar-free candies as the next best alternative... just try to keep the RED zone as small as possible!

You are sooooooo right. Small trips to the farmers market on Sat or to the local grocery store (which by the way is walking distance for me) shouldnt be thought of as inconvient. Instead I need to REFOCUS my thought process and use the local grocery store as exercise at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A CONCEPT! Carrying home fresh veggies should not be too heavy. More trips with exercise and smaller grocery loads............2 birds at one time. Thanks so much for that enlightment.............maybe thats how to start thinking green!
... and many thanks TO YOU!