Dr. Forsythe, oh how I miss you, I am back at where I started and I cant seem to get motivated again! I need my coach Im not able to go to the gym anymore but I do have a treadmill. Im going to start the program again, I know it works!
Thanks to one of our special friends for this question! Remember Step 5? Its coaching - the best athletes need help to do what theyre great at and people need some help to getting their bodies to a healthy and happy zone. Think only about the next week and make a commitment to GLP for next week. At the end of the week, re-assess. Get Red zone foods out of the house. Walk with friends or listening to music or radio. Eat when hungry and have GREEN zone foods around you at all times. Do at least 5 minutes of walking every hour - it could be while talking on the phone or watching the news or whatever. Finally, last week we had a woman write to us who had lost a total from waist and hips of 39 inches in just over a year. Go 4 GREEN and see what we mean!

Dr. i just started your prgram and its hard for me to stay motivated and do some kind of activity during the day, i have 2 small kids and work full-time, i dont seem to find the balance. what can i do?
MOTIVATION ... take Where Are You Now quiz ... try reviewing GLP program Step One Section 4 ...

Doctor I have been during really good as for as exercise and eating, but I have not seen any changing in my dress sizes or weight. My clothes still fix the same. I walk an hour a day for five to six days a week. What is wrong?
This is a really good question because it reflects very common feelings and frustrations ... First, if you have gotten rid of RED zone foods in the house - if you have GREEN/YELLOW zone foods nearby in the car, at work, at school, at home - if you are eating from these zones WHEN YOU FEEL HUNGRY - if you are ACCUMULATING 60 minutes of total body activity - if you are focusing on your SHAPE NOT WEIGHT ... NOTHING is wrong. Metabolic changes that lead to better health start at the cellular level where you cant see or feel them, but these start within the first 2 weeks of beginning this program. Improved strength, condition and the ability to do things easier happens within the first 4 weeks, and SHAPE - clothes start getting looser - occurs withing the first 6 weeks and will continue to alter in a steady gradual progression. Finally, focus on weight is the number one reason for FAILURE - A scale cannot tell the difference between the metabolically healthy part of your body that uses energy ... and the fat that stores energy on our abdomen, hips, and thighs. Remember, it is the little things you do every day that will give you a HEALTHIER, SLIMMER, STRONGER body. One step at a time - keep going and you WILL be LEAN - with GREEN.

I too have been having a hard time staying in the greenlight but I appreciate the advice that you gave to the person that asked the question. I am trying but I have not seen any changes in myself.
Trying is good - DOING is best. Here is a check list: 1. Motivation - Why do you want to be Healthier ... Why do you want to be SLIMMER and BE ABLE TO DO MORE. Seriously, think about this. If you REALLY want these things, the GLP will get you there. Progress should be measured in months, not minutes. Slow and steady is what leads to lifetime success. 2. Are you accumulating 60 minutes of total body motion - walking, dancing, jogging - NOT associated with your work. It is not about intensity, it IS about volume. Listen to music, walk your dog, walk your spouse, put infants in backpacks. 3. Have you gotten rid of RED zone foods in the house? If no, check number 1 above again. 4. Are you eating when you feel hungry? You MUST have your own Green/Yellow zone choices around you at all times. You CAN be healthier, slimmer, stronger - if you really want it.

Well I am the person that talked about how hard it was to stay in the green............I agree with he person that said they were trying and were not seeing any changes...........cuz that is me too! In fact i was about to give up , not do the lab work or go to the next clinic check-in as I am frustrated with myself that I have not done as good a job as I should have............but I have decided to keep trying, even if maybe i might not have lost weight or worse yet.....GAINED!!! The advice Slow and Steady is what leads to lifetime success...............Im going with that!!! Just hope I have enough lifetime............hahahaha.jsut kidding.
3 words should be on your mirror - SHAPE NOT WEIGHT - if clothes get looser you ARE getting healthier. Also, your thoughts and discussion would have been ideal for our GLP Community - a way to chit chat with others is a secure environment. Lets get it going.

I have enjoyed changing my lifestyle and really prefer eating the majority of my meals from fruits and veggies. I am a true red meat fan though and finding extra lean cuts of meat that are both affordable and good quality here in Vacaville is increasingly hard. Do you know of any co-ops or other places in which to find a good piece of red meat? Also I am finding the visual results/changes in my body slow to come, they are there I can feel them and the numbers show it. I have only been doing this since mid-March, I have read and seen others that have had much greater success. I know it took 41 years to get this way. Am I to expect slow and steady throughout the rest of my life or is there a time that things will accelerate or platue. I do like the changes and beleive that this is a good way for me to live. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what is right for myself and my family.
The most important thing to know is that slow and steady is what will make your changes permanent - if you ACCUMULATE 60 minutes of walking - or whatever you enjoy - if you EAT WHEN HUNGRY and mostly choices YOU LIKE from the GREEN zone, your clothes will get looser, your SHAPE will change, you will be HEALTHIER and you will probably be able to DO MORE. On red meat, I regularly check on everyday items at places like WalMart - I know you can buy inexpensive and very lean meats there for one place. Ask the butcher to direct you to the leanest cuts of meat - tenderize and add the spices you enjoy - remember that red meat animals are never as lean as birds and fish without their skins but that doesnt mean never. In midlife - as opposed to adolescent and earlier years - it is a fact that hormonal changes alter how our bodies control our fat stores - you should think of a one year time frame and you WILL be pleased and successful ...

Hi Dr Forsythe ... I fell off my program a little over the holidays, but am now back. Thank you for all your encouragement! Cheryl Yuba City
Dont be too hard on yourself for occasional short-term slips - its the trend over the long term of your life that counts. The principals for nutrition, behaviors and activity in the GREEN Light Program WILL give you Health, a Pleasing Body and a STRONGER body. Close the mental door to yesterday and move on!

How long would I have to swim to be in the green zone every day?
Swimming - and water based therapies - can be great adjuncts to GREEN Light Wellness. First, for those struggling with chronic joint problems of one sort or another, the buoyancy of water helps reduce stress. Second, in the recovery from acute injury such as sprains or strains, we recommend water therapy as a way to rehabilitate quickly. For reducing waist - improving SHAPE by decreasing body stores of fat - gravity based movement - say, walking - requires about half the time that non-gravity movement - swimming/biking - requires. Thats because when youre swimming, water does a lot of the work holding you up. Its similar for biking. Remember though that total body motion should be FUN - if youre mostly a swimmer, try to get in some enjoyable walks throughout the week.

How do I stay motivated ... jeannie Los Angeles
Thank you for this one Jeannie - MOTIVATION comes from what is MEANINGFUL for you. Ask yourself these questions: 1. What would it MEAN for my family and friends - the people I care most about in life - if became healthier, more pleased with my body, and able to do more physically. 2. What would it mean for the work I do in life - my job and my colleagues. Would I make more money, have fewer days away from work, pay less for pharmacy and other medical costs. 3. Importantly, and people often discount this ... what would it mean to YOU if you became healthier, slimmer and stronger.