Are beans (black, garbonzo, kidney) green light foods?
Beans grow above the ground - theyre GREEN!

Where does the less fat cream of chicken and cream of muschroom soup fall?
Less, low-fat, reduced are unfortunately misleading terms. For cooking, use nonfat dairy cream or where appropriate use other Healthy oils such as olive or grape.

Are lentils and legumes in the Green zone?
Yes, definitely!

Im confused about sugar. List says brown sugar-yellow, white sugar granulated-red and yellow. What is difference? I thought sugar was no-no. Also, maple syrup ok?? It says yellow..what about the sugar? Sorry Im so dense.
Refined sugars are in the RED zone - they lead to small insulin spikes from your pancreas and the stimulus of enzymes that produce more fat in fat cells. OK sorry for all that, but refined sugars are found in lots of packaged foods and sweetened cereals and sodas, etc so theyre good to limit or avoid. Which brings up UN-refined sugars such as raw, or found in say, pure maple syrup. These complex sugars are in the YELLOW zone - use a little here and there and dont worry about it!

My family has tried nonfat milk but my husband is complaining because it looks like water - my kids dont seem to mind but any suggestions?
Orginally, I thought most people WOULD have trouble changing to nonfat milk - in this ... and many other things ... I was wrong. Fewer than 10% of families actually have trouble making the change. However, If you happen to be among that group - heres a really good solution. Get some soy milk - or nonfat dairy creamer which is also made from soy - and pour some of that into the nonfat milk ... it doesnt take very much ... the look, the taste, the texture will be just like regular milk. Try it. Youll be amazed.

I was thrilled to see Diet Coke is GREEN!!....But is it really? What is your recommendation for a limit per day? And is decaffienated the way to go, or can I stay with regular caffiene diet coke? Not a coffee drinker so this is my fix......
This is a very common question - Research indicates that so-called diet drinks at the level of 1 or 2 per day are definitely in the GREEN zone. However, there appears to be a threshold around 3 or 4 diet sodas per day where overall energy intake actually INCREASES - meaning people tend to consume more calories than they need. Best drink by far - least expensive and most tasty - is water with slices of any of your favorite fruit.

Are bagels really a green food?
Whole grains - breads cereals pastas etc are in the YELLOW zone ... Guide EAT MORE from GREEN than from Yellow overall.

why are eggs in the red zone? I thought eggs were good for you!
This is a question that comes up often - Eggs have the highest concentration of cholesterol per weight of any natural food - Egg substitute is made from the egg protein and whites WITHOUT the cholesterol. I have 2 chefs in NY doing ALL their egg dishes with egg substitute so you dont lose anything in flavor - but you do gain in health.

what category is red wine? I like to have a single glass about twice a week with dinner.
Wine and beer in moderation - one to two glasses - with a meal are in the Yellow zone. Studies show improved cardiovascular health AND improved body mass when consumption is moderate. Enjoy your glass of wine with dinner - color doesnt matter

Are any energy bars like mojo ok to eat??
Most energy bars are in RED zone because they are made to be calorie dense - Go to CALCULATORS icon and use FOOD CALCULATOR to find out about any specific product.

I see that banans are green..........I get that, but isnt there a limit a week? I have heard that although its a fruit, that it is actually alot of calories, so I quess I am asking is............maybe only 2-3 a week? I have a hard time with this unlimited amounts as long as it is green.
GREEN zone foods - 1. Anything that grows above the ground 2. All meat with the fat taken away 3. All nonfat dairy ARE any time ANY amount. To understand in more depth, go to Complete GLP icon on website and read through Step 3 on Nutrition. Myths about eating, behaviors, activity are frustrating and lead to failure - if you follow the GLP, you will become healthier, slimmer and stronger.

Hey Doc, What catagory does oatmeal fit in?
Oatmeal ... Grains ... Yellow zone very good nutrition ... combine with GREEN ... nofat milk, fruits, etc.

Is turkey sausage ok to comsume??
Many packaged meats take advantage of allowable language in product packaging. All birds without skin in their natural state are of course in the GREEN zone. With specific products, check for calorie density and fat energy content - use CALCULATORS on your website to check if in doubt.

Where do lean cuisines fall? Most of them fall into the green zone for calorie density but I am not sure if they are truely Green?
All packaged foods are manufactured for a MYTHICAL average person - and of course therre is no such thing. Check to see if calories from fat are in the GREEN zone as well ... if in doubt, use your CALCULATORS icon at the website for specifics. Overall, choose the GREEN/YELLOW zone foods that you truly enjoy - cooked, snacks or whatever - and remember to EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY - never by the clock!

I just want to say that it has actually become a bit more difficult to stay in the green..............this has sure taught me about the american diet, much less my own diet of taking the easy way in planning meals!! To be green you really need to have a garden out in the backyard to stay 100%..........I find I need to make many trips to the market for fresh foods! But I am honestly trying to get back on track...........anyone else experiencing any difficulty retraining yourself to be green?
Thank you for this question ... OK, so here is a typical scenario ... its the end of the day, everyone is tired, you have been running around for several hours without food ... You want something quick and easy ... so you choose a fast food place or grab some pre-packaged food that may or may not be healthy... And you do this because you are convinced its more CONVENIENT... But you had to stop at some kind of store to do this and you almost certainly paid 20-30% MORE than you would have done by using GREEN LIGHT convenience. Green Light foods - fruits and vegetables, meats without fat, nonfat dairy can all be refrigerated or frozen and stored for months. So can healthy Yellow zone foods. That means these things can be waiting for you at your own home - no stopping. 1. Identify the Green zone Yellow zone foods you and your family like. Get them. Store them. 2. Get plastic bags, and small storage containers ... then cut up your favorite meats into bite size pieces and do the same for all the fruits and vegetables you like. 3. Sit down with your family and have everyone put together what you are going to have for meals for the next week. Yes, everyone has to participate a little - obviously, some people - maybe Mom - will have more input than others, but the rule is IF You Want to Eat You HAVE to Participate. 4. There are thousands of simple to do pasta and rice dishes that you can make in minutes. Combine your favorite meats, vegetables. Use your favorite spices and sauces - lowfat or nonfat. 5. Wok cooking is another way to make delicious foods quickly. Use the same principles - stock up on the Green/Yellow foods you like, cut them up in small pieces that are easy to access. Try this - it is MORE CONVENIENT not less. Also you will save MONEY!

I heard that fiber absorb fat. Is that true
Not exactly, but increased intake of dietary fiber to at least 30 grams/day does help decrease body fatness and of course is also beneficial for cardio-vascular health! Natural, unprocessed foods from the GREEN/YELLOW zones are typically high in fiber which is why they are so good for you. Supplementing may be a good idea, too. Most grocery stores and pharmacies sell natural fiber supplements - mix in nonfat yogurt smoothies and you dont have any chalky taste.

Dr. I have been eating labout 97% of my food from the green food group. I was shocked when I got my labs back and saw that my fasting chol was 209 and my fasting HDL was 65. It was better than that before I started the program. I walk 5 to 6 days a week from 45 to 60 minutes and some bike riding. Where am I going wrong?
Whats wrong with nutrition mostly from healthy GREEN/Yellow zones, walking and biking 5-6 days per week, an HDL cholesterol - the GOOD form - of 65 and only a bordeline total cholesterol slightly over 200. Ask your family doctor about this - and your LDL cholesterol as well as C-reactive protein test. I suspect you are doing very well ... Congratulations on really living the GLP!

What color (green, yellow, red) is soda? Specifically diet soda?
Great question! Regular sodas - along with very cleverly packaged juice type drinks - are refined sugar solutions that are clearly shown to promote increased body fatness - RED zone! But what about so-called DIET drinks - no calories ... Interestingly, evidence has emerged that consuming something like 4 cans or more per day may increase overall food/energy intake ... the theory is that even though these drinks do not have any calories, the artificial sweetener molecule seems to promote increased APPETITE ... so keep Diet drinks in the Yellow zone - one or two per day does not seem to be a problem. On the other hand, the best tasting and healthiest fluid is WATER - buy gallons of it and experiment with your own flavoring from say, slices of orange, mango, lemon etc. MUCH less expensive and way better for you!