Should I still take a calcium/mag, A, D, if I am taing a multivit?
Actually, if you follow the GLP and eat mostly from the Green and Yellow zones, the evidence for taking any multivitamin is not super strong. Many people take a general multivitamin daily as a kind of insurance policy and of course there are some conditions that require such supplementation ... For those who dont have significant amount of nonfat dairy, getting around 1200 mg of Calcium with Vit D may be of help.

What type of Calcium do you recommend. My wife had a Gastric bypass and was suggested to take a certain type of calcium. I work on my feet at work. I have used a pedometer and get about 3 miles on average during an 8 hour shift. I have got as high as 6 miles. This number includes stairs and walking at a fast pace. Can I use some of this as my daily exercise?
calcium 1200 mg with vit D 750-1000 Int Units is the recommendation from current studies.

I heard that taking vitamins make you hungry. Is that true? I take vatimine B12, Multi-vitamine, calcium and omega3.
Taking vitamins does not make you hungry - doing Green Light Activity makes you hungry - dont forget to accumulate 60 minutes of enjoyable activity every day!