Dinesh Nagar, Internal Medicine, NorthBay Hospital Group, Fairfield, CA

IMG_0404     “One family started the Green Light Program and it brought them together as a family. They feel better, their waists are shrinking, and they feel good about themselves. It became a familiar project… Dad and son are bonding closer together – kids are into the program. It’s hard for one person to change lifestyle alone (especially for a child). They are healthier from a holistic perspective.”

– Michael Ginsberg, Pediatrician, Northbay Hospital Group, Fairfield, CA    

image copy“I’m amazed at how well Dr. Forsythe’s program works for our kids. Seeing their self-esteem grow is really wonderful.”

– Maria Abordo, MD, Pediatrician, Marysville, CA

“One of our nurses did Dr. Forsythe’s program and now the whole staff is. His program is easy and it works.”

– Anthony Bellamo, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sacramento, CA


Andrea, Nurse, age 42

image“It’s so wonderful to be happy looking at myself in the mirror.”

– Cheryl, age 37 (went from Red Zone to healthy in 11 months)

“I think the focus on shape really helps, over the years it’s been so frustrating to lose weight and then have it all come back. Now I never think about weight.”

– Marvin, Business Executive, age 56 (went from size 42 to 36 in 10 weeks)

John, age 31, bank executive

“I can’t believe how much energy I have. I got back into skiing for the first time in 20 years.”

– Gwen, age 51, homemaker wearing dresses from 10 years ago in 7 weeks & increased leg strength by 40%

“Finally I can look at myself and really feel good.”

– Roland, Registered Nurse, age 42 (went from pant size 55 to 38 in 14 months)

“Dr. Forsythe’s model is simple, painless and totally effective.”

– Ed, Teacher, age 60 (lost 4 inches at waist in 8 weeks)